The CallFilterIterator class.
Interface JsonSerializable
The SessionHandler class.
SessionHandler Interface
The Abstract Application Class.
Simple class for a Windwalker command line application.
Class to turn Cli applications into daemons. It requires CLI and PCNTL support built into PHP.
Application for Web HTTP foundation.
Application Helper.
The Authentication class.
Interface AuthenticationInterface
The Credential class.
The AbstractMethod class.
The LocalMethod class.
Interface MethodInterface
The Authorisation class.
The AuthorisationInterface class.
The CallbackPolicy class.
The PolicyInterface class.
Interface PolicyInterface
Class Cache
Interface CacheInterface
Class CacheItem
Class JsonHandler
The PhpFileSerializer class.
Class SerializeHandler
The RawDataHandler class.
Interface DataHandlerInterface
Class RawHandler
Class AbstractCacheStorage
Class AbstractDriverCacheStorage
Runtime Storage.
Class CacheStorageInterface
Filesystem cache driver for the Windwalker Framework.
Class MemcachedStorage
Class NullStorage
The PhpFileStorage class.
Class RedisStorage
StaticRuntime Storage.
Class XcacheStorage
The compare object.
The CompareHelper class.
Class EqCompare
Class GtCompare
Class GteCompare
Class InCompare
Class LtCompare
Class LteCompare
Class NeqCompare
Class NotinCompare
The AbstractConsole class.
Abstract Console class.
Base Command class.
The default command.
Class Console
The abstract base descriptor.
A descriptor helper to get different descriptor and render it.
A descriptor helper to get different descriptor and render it.
Interface of Descriptor.
Class TextCommandDescriptor
A descriptor helper to get different descriptor and render it.
Class Option AbstractDescriptor
Command not found exception.
The WrongArgumentException class.
The IO class.
The IOFactory class.
The IOInterface class.
The YesManInput class.
The cli option class.
Option set to store options and resolve aliases.
Prompter class.
Class BooleanPrompter
Callback validate prompter.
The NotNullPrompter class.
A password prompter supports hidden input.
The Prompter class.
Prompter Interface.
A prompter supports select list.
General text prompter.
A text prompter but we can set an array to validate input value.
The NullProfiler class.
The Openssl Cipher class.
The Aes256Cipher class.
The BlowfishChipher class.
Interface CipherInterface
The Cipher3DES class.
The PhpAesCipher class.
SimpleCipher deprecated
The Simple class.
The Crypt class.
The CryptHelper class.
Interface CryptInterface
The McryptCipher class.
Cipher3DES deprecated
The Cipher3DES class.
CipherBlowfish deprecated
The BlowfishChipher class.
CipherRijndael256 deprecated
The Rijndael256 class.
The SimplePassword class.
The ClassMeta class.
The DI Container.
Interface ContainerAwareInterface
Container Aware Trait
The DataStore class.
Exception class for handling errors in resolving a dependency
Interface ServiceProviderInterface
Abstract DataMapper.
The AbstractDataMapperProxy class.
Main Database Mapper class.
DataMapper Interface
The DbContainer class.
The DatabaseMapperInterface class.
Entity is a Data object sub class, we can set fields of this object then help us filter non necessary values to prevent error when inserting to database.
Data object to store values.
The Data Interface
The Data set to store multiple data.
The DataSet Interface
Class DatabaseDatabase
Class DatabaseReader
Class DatabaseTable
Class DatabaseTransaction
Class DatabaseWriter
Class DatabaseFactory
The DatabaseHelper class.
Class DatabaseDriver
The DatabaseDriverInterface class.
Class MysqlDatabase
Class MysqlDriver
Class MysqlReader
Class MysqlTable
Class MysqlTransaction
The MysqlType class.
Class MysqlWriter
Class PdoDriver
Class PdoHelper
The PdoIterator class.
Class PdoReader
Class PdoTransaction
Class PdoWriter
Class PostgresqlDatabase
The PostgresqlDriver class.
Class PostgresqlReader
Class PostgresqlTable
Class PostgresqlTransaction
The PostgresqlType class.
Class PostgresqlWriter
Class DataIterator
The DbLoggingMiddleware class.
The ProfilerMiddleware class.
Class QueryHelper
The Column class.
The Bit class.
The Varchar class.
The DATETIME class.
The Decimal class.
The Varchar class.
The Float class.
The Varchar class.
The Varchar class.
The Primary class.
The Varchar class.
The TIMESTAMP class.
The Varchar class.
The Varchar class.
The ColumnType class.
The Key class.
The Schema class.
Class XmlBuilder
HTML Builder helper.
Class XmlElement
Html Elements collection.
The AbstractFormatter class.
The HtmlFormatter class.
The DomHelper class.
The Html element object.
Html Elements collection.
Simple Xml Helper to get attributes from \SimpleXMLElement
The EdgeNullCache class.
Interface EdgeCacheInterface
The FileCacheHandler class.
The EdgeCompiler class.
The CompilerInterface class.
The Edge template engine.
The EdgeExtensionInterface class.
The EdgeFileLoader class.
Interface EdgeLoaderInterface
The EdgeFileLoader class.
Class to model a Web Client.
The Environment class.
The PhpEnvironment class.
The Platform class.
The ServerHelper class.
The WebEnvironment class.
The Dispatcher class.
Interface DispatcherAwareInterface
Class DispatcherAwareTrait
Interface DispatcherInterface
Class Event
Class EventInterface
The EventTriggerableInterface interface.
The DispatcherMapper class.
The ListenerPriority class.
Class ListenerPriorityQueue
Exception class for handling errors in the Filesystem package
A File handling class
Class Filesystem
A Folder handling class
The ArrayObject class. Based on ZF2.
A Directory iterator extends from SPL RecursiveDirectoryIterator.
A Path handling class
A PathLocator collection class
A Path locator class
Interface FilterRuleInterface
Html Cleaner object.
Class Filter
Windwalker Output Filter
Class UnicodeHelper
The AbstractFormElemetAwareHelper class.
Field Definition Interface
The FieldHelper class.
The AbstractField class.
The ButtonField class.
The CheckboxField class.
The CheckboxesField class.
The ButtonField class.
The EmailField class.
The HiddenField class.
The ListField class.
The PasswordField class.
The RadioField class.
The SpacerField class.
The TextField class.
The TextareaField class.
The TimezoneField class.
The FilterHelper class.
The InputFiler class.
Interface FilterInterface
The MockFilter class to use on test case.
The Form class.
The FormHelper class.
The FormRendererInterface class.
The ValidateResult class.
The ValidatorHelper class.
The AbstractHtmlList class.
The DList class.
The DListDescription class.
The DListTitle class.
The ListItem class.
The OList class.
The UList class.
The FormWrapper class.
The InputElement class.
The Grid class to dynamically generate HTML tables.
The KeyValueGrid class.
The HtmlHelper class.
The AbstractMediaElement class.
The Audio class.
The Video class.
The HtmlOption class.
The InputList class.
The CheckboxList class.
The RadioList class.
The SelectList class.
The AbstractMessage class.
The HeaderHelper class.
The ResponseHelper class.
The ServerHelper class.
The StreamHelper class.
The UploadedFileHelper class.
The HttpClient class.
Interface HttpClientInterface
The Server class.
The CompressException class.
The HttpCompressor class to support gzip encoding.
The NoHeaderOutput class.
Standard output object for PHP SAPI.
The StreamOutput class.
The AbstractRequest class.
The Request class.
Representation of an incoming, server-side HTTP request.
The ServerRequestFactory class.
An response object contains content-type handler.
The EmptyResponse class.
The HtmlResponse class.
The HtmlResponse class.
The RedirectResponse class.
The AbstractResponse class.
The TextResponse class.
The XmlResponse class.
The PhpInputStream class.
The Stream class.
The ArrayStream class.
The AbstractTransport class.
The CurlTransport class.
The StreamTransport class.
The TransportInterface class.
The UploadedFile class.
The WebServer class.
Class ColorProcessor.
Class ProcessorInterface.
Class ColorStyle
The NullColorProcessor class.
The IO class.
Class IOInterface
Windwalker Input CLI Class
Interface CliInputInterface
Class AbstractCliOutput
Simple Cli Output
Class CliOutputInterface
The ColorfulOutputInterface class.
Class SimpleCliOutput
Windwalker Input Cookie Class
Windwalker Input Files Class
The NullFilter class.
The FormInput class.
Class Input
Windwalker Input JSON Class
Windwalker Input Files Class
The HeaderInput class.
Class PsrInput
Class AbstractFormat
Class FormatInterface
Class IniFormat
Class JsonFormat
Class IniFormat
Class IniFormat
Class Language
Interface LanguageInterface
Class LanguageNormalize
Class AbstractLoader
Class FileLoader
Interface LoaderInterface
Class PhpLoader
Class EnGBLocalise
Interface LocaliseInterface
Class NullLocalise
Class ZhCNLocalise
Class ZhTWLocalise
Class ClassLoader
Class FileMappingLoader
Class Psr0Loader
Class Psr4Loader
Basic Middleware class.
Callback Middleware
The Chain Builder
The Psr7ChainBuilder class.
End Middleware, this object will not do anything.
Middleware Interface
Interface Psr7InvokableInterface
The Psr7Middleware class.
The Benchmark class.
The Collector class.
The CollectorInterface interface.
Class ProfilerItem
Interface PointInterface
Class Profiler
The ProfilerAwareInterface interface.
Interface ProfilerInterface
Class DefaultRenderer
Interface ProfilerRendererInterface
Class QueryGrammar
The Connection Container class.
Class CubridExpression
Class CubridQuery
Class MariadbExpression
Class Mariadb
Class MysqlExpression
Class MysqlQueryGrammar
Class MysqlQuery
Class OracleExpression
Class OracleQuery
Class PdoExpression
Class PdoQuery
Class PostgresqlExpression
Class PostgresqlQueryGrammar
Class PostgresqlQuery
Class AbstractQuery
Query Element Class.
Class QueryExpression
QueryGrammar interface
Windwalker Query LimitableInterface.
Windwalker Query Preparable Interface.
Class PreparableTrait
Class SqliteExpression
Class SqliteQuery
Class SqlservExpression
Class SqlservQuery
The NoResultException class.
The NestedRecord class.
Class Record
The AbstractEngineRenderer class.
Class AbstractRenderer
The BladeRenderer class.
The Extending class to support both Blade 4.* and 5.*.
The GlobalContainer class.
The EdgeRenderer class.
The GlobalContainer class.
The MustacheRenderer class.
Class PhpRenderer
The PlatesRenderer class.
Interface RendererInterface
Class PhpRenderer
The GlobalContainer class.
The TwigFilesystemLoader class.
The Compiler class.
The BasicGenerator class.
The TrieCompiler class.
The TrieGenerator class.
The RouteNotFoundException class.
The AbstractMatcher class.
The BinaryMatcher class.
Interface MatcherInterface
The SequentialMatcher class.
The TrieMatcher class.
RESTful Web application router class.
Class Route
The RouteHelper class.
A path router.
Interface RouterInterface
Class SingleActionRouter
The ArrayBag class.
Class FlashBag
Class FlashBag
Interface FlasgBagInterface
Class AbstractSessionBag
Interface SessionBagInterface
The SessionBridge class.
Interface SessionBridgeInterface
Class AbstractDatabaseAdapter
Class DatabaseAdapter
Class PdoAdapter
The WindwalkerAdapter class.
Class AbstractHandler
APC session storage handler for PHP
Database session storage handler for PHP
Interface HandlerInterface
Class MemcacheHandler
Class MemcachedHandler
Class PhpHandler
Class XcacheHandler
Class for managing HTTP sessions
The SimpleTemplate class.
The StringHelper class.
Windwalker Framework String Inflector Class
Windwalker Framework String Normalise Class
String handling class for utf-8 data Wraps the phputf8 library All functions assume the validity of utf-8 strings.
The Format class.
Class StructureFormatInterface
INI format handler for Structure.
JSON format handler for Structure.
PHP class format handler for Structure
XML format handler for Structure.
YAML format handler for Structure.
YAML format proxy.
Structure class
Class StructureHelper
Uri Class
The PsrUri class.
Uri Class
The UriData class.
Uri Helper
Uri Interface
The ArrayHelper class
The MultiSingletonTrait class.
The TraitHelper class.
The ArrayObject class. Based on ZF2.
The DualIterator class.
The RecursiveCompareDualIterator class.
The RecursiveDualIterator class.
The PriorityQueue class.
The AbstractValidator class.
The AlnumValidator class.
The BooleanValidator class.
The ColorValidator class.
The UrlValidator class.
The EmailValidator class.
The EqualsValidator class.
The IpValidator class.
The NoneValidator class.
The PhoneValidator class.
The RegexValidator class.
The UrlValidator class.
The ValidatorInterface class.