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The Next Generation PHP Framework

  • Modern PHP 8.x environment.
  • 31 useful standalone components.
  • Powerful DI engine.
  • Built-in ViewModel and ORM.
  • Better IDE friendly supports.

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    layout: 'article-list',
    js: 'article-list.js'
class ArticleListView implements ViewModelInterface
    public function __construct(
        protected ArticleRepository $repository,
    ) {}

    public function prepare(AppContext $app, View $view): array
        [$id, $page] = $app->input('id', 'page')->values()->dump();

        $items = $this->repository->getListSelector()
            ->where('category_id', $id)

        return compact('items');


Easy but Powerful

Learning a new framework is hard, we provide simple and semantic interface to help developers understand this framework.

Fully Decoupled

Windwalker is a set of PHP tools, you can easily install them by composer without too many dependencies.


The package system helps us organize our classes and routing to build large enterprise level applications.


We follow PSR standard, you can easily integrate 3rd party middlewares or caching library into Windwalker.

Rapid Development

Windwalker is a RAD framework, building a usable system prototype with powerful UI is very fast.

IDE friendly

Class searching, auto-completion and many useful IDE functions are working well with IoC.


$ composer create-project windwalker/starter