Please install Windwalker Framework first. See Windwalker Installation

Then add "windwalker/phoenix": "~1.0" to require block and run composer update.

Register Phoenix Package

Add Phoenix package object to etc/app/windwalker.php.

// ...

    'packages' => [
        // ...
        'phoenix' => Phoenix\PhoenixPackage::class

// ...

Install Phoenix Assets

Run this command to install phoenix assets:

php windwalker package install phoenix

See Sync Package Assets

Generate A New Package

Please make sure you have correct database configuration, then please type:

$ php windwalker muse init Flower sakura.sakuras -sm

And you will see this result:


Package flower has been auto generated. We must register this package too, add it in etc/app/windwalker.php:

// ...

    'packages' => [
        // ...
        'phoenix' => Phoenix\PhoenixPackage::class,
        'flower'  => Flower\FlowerPackage::class

// ...

Then create symlink to assets of this package:

php windwalker asset sync flower [--hard]

Direct sub routing to package routing at etc/routing.yml:

## etc/routing.yml


## Add this route
    pattern: /flower
    package: flower

OK, now we can open http://localhost/{your_project}/www/flower/sakuras in browser, you will see a sample admin UI.


Use PHP built-in server:

cd {your_project}/www
php -S localhost:8000

And open http://localhost:8000/flower/sakuras to test your application.

Debug Mode

Add /dev.php before your URL, Windwalker will start debug mode and provides a powerful debug console.



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