MVC Groups

Every database table in phoenix will be separated to two MVC groups. One is singular item and another is plural list. Every MVC group has it's own Model/View/Controller. For example, a table named: sakuras, we will use Sakura Controller to modify single item record, and a Sakuras Controller to handle multiple items operation like filter, ordering or batch update.



A Singular MVC group, used to handle CRUD of single record, with an edit or single item page.

Edit Page

Edit page means a page with form and inputs to send data for update an item. For example, a blog article page is an Item page, and an article edit page is an Edit page.


A plural MVC group, used to handle multiple items filter, ordering, batch update and copy etc. With a grid page or item list.

Grid Page

Grid page means a table to list items and provides a set of button and tools to operate these items. For example, the blog articles/category page is a List page, and admin article manager is a Grid page.


Combine singular and plural two MVC groups, they are both maintains same database table.

Below is the structure of these terms.


And this is an image of the MVC structure



CRUD means Create / Read / Update and Delete to one item record.

Phoenix use save to handle create and update. Se you will see CrudModel has only save() method instead create() and update().

The save() method will determine that if data has primary key, it will use update process, if data has no primary key, then model will use create process.


Default RESTful methods has relations to CRUD operation:

Method Controller Note
PUT UPDATE full fields
PATCH UPDATE partial fields
DELTE Delete

Method Controller Mapping

In Windwalker, we use this mapping to call controller.

Method Controller Note
GET GetController
POST SaveController
PUT SaveController
PATCH SaveController
DELTE DeleteController

It's more simpler to write your logic because you can use the exists of primary key to make create or update action.

Grid & List Controller

In phoenix, we use this mapping to map list controller:

Method Controller Note
GET GetController Show grid UI
POST CopyController Batch copy items
PUT UpdateController Batch update items
PATCH Controller Filter & search
DELTE DeleteController Delete items

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