Record Autocomplete

All Phoenix generated Records will use a trait with same name, to provides fields hint.

namespace Flower\Record;

use Asuka\Flower\Record\Traits\SakuraDataTrait;
use Windwalker\Record\Record;

class SakuraRecord extends Record
    use SakuraDataTrait;

    // ...
namespace Flower\Record\Traits;

 * The SakuraDataTrait class.
 * @property  integer  id
 * @property  string   title
 * @property  string   alias
 * @property  string   url
 * @property  string   intortext
 * @property  string   fulltext
 * @property  string   image
 * @property  string   state
 * @property  string   ordering
 * @property  string   created
 * @property  integer  created_by
 * @property  string   modified
 * @property  integer  modified_by
 * @property  string   language
 * @property  string   params
 * @since  1.1
trait SakuraDataTrait


So IDE are able to auto-complete your record item in template.


Update Fields

After you update DB fields or migrations, just run this command to update trait's docblock:

$ php windwalker phoenix record sync flower sakura

File: /.../Flower/Record/Traits/SakuraDataTrait.php exists, do you want to override it? [N/y]: y

Writing file: /.../Flower/Record/Traits/SakuraDataTrait.php success.

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