Auto Minify Css & JS

Windwalker use AssetManager object to control all CSS & JS includes, then render all <link> and <script> tags in HTML.

We can minify all asset files and combine them to one file that can speed up page downloading.

Use CssMinifyListener and JsMinifyListener in etc/app/web.php

// etc/app/web.php

// ...

    'listeners' => [

        700 => \Phoenix\Listener\CssMinifyListener::class,
        800 => \Phoenix\Listener\JsMinifyListener::class

Now every page will auto compress included css & js files to one file.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-GB">

    <title>Sakura Edit</title>

    <!-- ... -->

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/site/www/asset/min/15d2969be82c4ac02c53fe8ead5600fd.css?f2d3c5f7211348644ed0a74575011f6c" />

    <script src="/path/site/www/asset/min/e2f3ce2ebbd95d65021ce52872f5e355.js?f2d3c5f7211348644ed0a74575011f6c"></script>

You must modify your .gitignore file to ignore www/asset/min folder, and add a cron to clear cache files.

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