Use \Phoenix\Script\PhoenixScript::phoenix(); load phoenix js and also includes helpers.

Keep Alive

If you are writing a form with long textarea, you will hope the session do not expired, use keepAlive() in php.


Load Script

Load JS dynamically.


Load multiple files and do something after all loaded:

Phoenix.loadScript(['js/foo.js', 'js/bar.js'])
  .done(function () { // or then()
      // ...

Auto detect min file like AssetManager

// Load foo.min.js without DEBUG mode
// Load foo.js in DEBUG mode

JS cannot check file exists, if you have only compressed or un-compress file, add second argument to FALSE so Phoenix will not auto convert file name.

Phoenix.loadScript('js/foo.min.js', false); // Always load js/foo.min.js

sprintf() and vsprintf()

Phoenix fork sprintf() in it-self to reduce request times.

Phoenix.sprintf('Hello: %s', 'Simon');
Phoenix.vprintf('Hello: %s', ['Simon']);

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