Install Starter Application

Windwalker use Composer as package manager, make sure you install composer first.

To start install Windwalker, please open terminal and type the following:

$ php composer.phar create-project windwalker/starter project_dir 2.* --no-dev

For use of unit test or any development purpose, simply remove --no-dev option.

The Starter package is a default application to start a project (like Symfony Standard). If you want to use Windwalker as a library, see next section.

Use Windwalker as Library

Add windwalker/framework as your project's dependencies in composer.json.

    "require": {
        "windwalker/framework": "~2.0@stable"

~2.0 is equivalent to 2.0 to 2.9

You can also pick any child packages rather than the complete framework set. This is an example to install Session and Form package:

    "require": {
        "windwalker/session": "~2.0@stable",
        "windwalker/form": "~2.0@stable"

See all available packages on Packagist


Open Windwalker Public Root

After installed, use browser open /www then you will see default landing page.


File Structure

Name Description
/bin All executable files, there is a console file can run Windwalker Console.
/etc All configuration and routing files.
-- define.php The system path constants.
-- config.yml Basic configuration file.
-- secret.dist.yml Contains some secret information like DB account.
Please rename to secret.yml before use.
-- routing.yml The routing configuration file.
/resources Some non-PHP or non-classes files.
-- languages Language files, default is .ini format
-- migrations Database migration files. See Migration
-- seeders Database seeder files. See Seeder
/src All PHP classes in your project.
/templates Layout and template files.
/vendor All 3rd party libraries.
/www Web public root (or /public in general)
-- media Web front-end assets (image, vedio, css, etc..)
-- .htaccess Htaccess config for Apache, you need this file to make mod_rewrite work.
-- index.php Default web application entrance.
-- dev.php Default web application entrance for dev environment.
/phpunit.xml.dist PHPUnit configuration file. Rename to phpunit.xml before use.
/ Readme file
/composer.json Composer configuration file

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