MVC Resolvers

Windwalker uses resolver to find MVC classes. By default, package will find MVC in it's folder. For example, if there has a flower package and a route with Sakura controller matched:

    pattern: /sakura
    controller: Sakura

The Flower package will get Flower\Controller\Sakura\{action} as main controller. But if this class not exists, we can prepare a set of default controller in other package, and tell windwalker to get these default controller instead.

Add this line in package initialise() or any position before package execute.

public function initialise()

    // Register Animal package namespace to find classes
    $mvcResolver = $this->getMvcResolver();

    $mvcResolver->addNamespace('Animal', Priority::NORMAL);

    // OR get from controller
    $mvcResolver = Ioc::get('mvc.resolver');

Now if Flower\Controller\Sakura\{action} not exists, Windwalker will find controller from Animal\Controller\Sakura\{action}. It is flexible to help us organize our packages.

View And Model

You can also use the same way to add default View and Model paths.

$this->getMvcResolver()->addNamespace('Animal', Priority::NORMAL);

When controller $this->getView('Sakura') or $this->getModel('Sakura'), and these two classes not exists, Windwalker will find from Animal package as default object.

We can also set default path separately.

$mvcResolver = $this->getMvcResolver();


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