Windwalker has 36 packages, there are more useful tools we are not wrote in this site, please go to GitHub to learn how to use these packages:

Package Description
Application Application (Kernel) package
Authenticate Authentication package help you authenticate users.
Cache Handle data caches.
Compare String compare generator. eg: foo >= bar
Console CLI console application and tools.
Controller Main controller package
Crypt Data crypt and password generator.
Data Data object help us manage data properties.
Database Database package.
DataMapper DataMapper is a convenience tool to access database
DI Dependency Injection Container
Dom Dom and Html element builder and tools.
Environment Help you get server and browser information.
Event Event handling system.
Filesystem Filesystem to operate files and folders.
Filter Web input and output filter tools.
Form HTML Form builder.
Html Advanced HTML builder
IO Input and Output package to handler HTTP request or CLI std in/out.
Language I18n localization tools.
Loader Class loader package, support file mapping, PSR-0 and PSR-4.
Middleware Middleware package.
Model Main model package
Profiler Profiler and benchmark tools.
Query Multi-database Query Builder
Record Simple ActiveRecord tools
Registry An object help ue access structured nested data
Renderer Template renderer, support PHP, Blade and Twig engines.
Router Windwalker Router package.
Session Session handling package.
String String handling package
Test Test helpers.
Uri URI object to manage uri.
Utilities Some core useful tool set.
Validator A tool set to validate different data format.
View Windwalker Main View package

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