Using cache will be very easy in Windwalker, the cache configuration is located at /etc/config.yml.

    enabled: 0
    storage: file
    handler: serialize
    dir: cache
    time: 15

The enabled property controls global cache start or not, can be close if you want to test your application. storage controls which cache storage method you use, can be file, runtime, memcached or more. About storage and handler, please see Windwalker Cache.

Use Cache

$cache = Ioc::getCache();

// OR

$cache = $container->get('system.cache');

// Store cache item
$cache->set('key', 'value');

// Get cache
$value = $cache->get('key');

// Check cache item

Get Cache By CacheFactory

Get cache factory:

$cacheFactory = $container->get('cache.factory');

// OR

use Windwalker\Core\Cache\CacheFactory;

$cacheFactory = CacheFactory::getInstance();

Create cache:

$cache = $cacheFactory->create('mycache_name', 'file'); // Every name will be singleton object.

If you set cache.enabled to false, all cache created from create() will be NullStorage, it won't cache any data.

Auto Fetch Data By Closure

Using call method to auto detect is cache exists or not.

$data = $cache->call('flower', function()
    return array('sakura');

It is same as this code:

if (!$cache->exists('flower'))
    $cache->set('flower', array('sakura'));

$data = $cache->get('flower');

Debug Mode or Cache Disabled

When debug property in global config se to 1 or cache disabled, the cache storage will auto set to NullStorage, cache can still be used but no work.

// If cache disabled
$cache = \Windwalker\Ioc::getCache();

// Cache object can be get and operate, but the key will always not exists.
if (!$cache->exists('flower'))
    $data = $flowerMapper->loadAll();

    $cache->set('flower', $data);
    $data = $cache->get('flower');

return $data;

Using Custom Cache Object

In the above we use global cache, but we can still create our custom cache to store values, it will not affected by global config.

Use CacheFactory::getCache()

CacheFactory is a cache creator, it will store each cache object as singleton by different name.

use Windwalker\Core\Cache\CacheFactory;

$myFileCache = CacheFactory::getCache('cache_name', 'file');
$myRuntimeCache = CacheFactory::getCache('cache_name', 'runtime');

Te default cache is runtime cache, it means our data only keep in once runtime but will not save as files.

Custom Cache Options

$options = array(
    'cache_dir' => WINDWALKLER_ROOT . '/cache', // Only for file storage
    'cache_time' => 999 // minutes

$cache = CacheFactory::getCache('cache_name', 'file', 'serialize', $options);

Full Page Cache

Sometimes we want to store whole html as static page cache. StringHandler help us save raw string:

use Windwalker\Cache\Cache;
use Windwalker\Cache\Storage\RawFileStorage;

$cache = CacheFactory::getCache('cache_name', 'file', 'string');

$url = '';

if ($cache->exists($url))
    echo $cache->get($url);


$view = new View;

$html = $view->render();

$cache->set($url, $html);

echo $html;

Supported Handlers

  • SerializeHandler
  • JsonHandler
  • StringHandler

More about Windwalker Cache

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