Use Windwalker Console

Windwalker Console is a powerful CLI tool set to help us do many things. It is based on Windwalker Console Package.

To use Windwalker console, type this command in terminal:

php windwlaker

You will see this help information:

Windwalker Console - version: 2.0

[console Help]

The default application command

  console <command> [option]


  -h | --help       Display this help message.
  -q | --quiet      Do not output any message.
  -v | --verbose    Increase the verbosity of messages.
  --ansi            Set 'off' to suppress ANSI colors on unsupported terminals.


  migration    Database migration system.
  seed         The data seeder help you create fake data.
  build        Some useful tools for building system.

Welcome to Windwalker Console.

Currently there are only 3 commands available, we'll add more useful tools in the future.

See: Migration and Seeding

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