What is Windwalker

Windwalker is a modern PHP framework based on Joomla Framework, which to simplify web application developing and provides a RAD environment to speed up the process of creating system prototype.

We are trying to create a lightweight, ease of use and fully decoupled PHP framework, you can start using Windwalker instantly in any php server without worrying about the environment setting.

Windwalker is also very strong and flexible, the package system helps us building complex enterprise level applications.

Start Using Windwalker

Windwalker is A Set of PHP Tools

There are 36 packages in Windwalker, you can install any packages to your project through composer.

Windwalker is very simple on programming interface, we called it DX (developer experience), most classes in Windwalker has single entry point and the interface is very understandable.

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RAD Framework

We also provides a RAD package called Phoenix, with this package, every web development team are able to establish an usable system prototype with powerful admin UI quickly and continue complete it after multiple iteration.


Windwalker incorporated many ideas and work from other well-known Web frameworks. Below is a short list of those Windwalker inspired by.

  • Joomla - Most Windwalker packages are based or highly influenced by Joomla.
  • Laravel - Windwalker referenced the Facades pattern from Laravel.
  • Symfony - Windwalker referenced its bundle and console design.
  • Yii - The Database Command is referenced from Yii.

In addition, there are many other projects inspired us, and we'll continue contribute back to Joomla.

Thank you, opensource.